Built by Founders
for Founders

We help founders who are aiming to create huge public benefit. OG stands for One Globe, but it also stands for Original Gangsta. Our representative is currently making optimal use of his time to make Medley a company with huge public benefit as CEO. We will assist founders who are working on challenges in other industries in the same age with the same level of passion.

Long-term Investment

We focus on helping founders succeed as their success is our success. As reflected in our name, we stand behind founders who are rewiring the world for the better. We’re not a VC firm. Our funds don’t have any maturity date.

Common Features of
Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies have following features in common:

Working to find solutions that have the potential to greatly benefit people and communities
We invest in problem solving by providing long-term support for companies endeavoring to ontribute to their communities in ways that no other company in the world can.

Founders/management teams with that “special strength” that gives them an organizational competitive advantage
We focus on management teams that have something distinguishes them from competitors. We provide support that allows our partners to fully realize these unique strengths.

Companies that focus on public benefit and sustainability
While we are all for the pursuit of self-interest, we do not invest in founders who do not simultaneously pursue public benefit. We also focus on sustainable companies that are not overly reliant on their founders or founding families.

Companies outside the medical healthcare field
Due to potential conflicts of interest, OG does not invest in the medical healthcare field as our representative is the CEO of a company in this field.

For Business

We partner with founders to help them transform their visions into reality, leveraging the knowledge we have gained from our experience in scaling up operations of tech companies. We support founders to return to the mindset at the time of foundation to achieve drastic growth.

For Foundation

We help founders to develop business plans at the time of establishment. In addition to equity investment, we also cover all expenses necessary for starting businesses on risk-free basis.

Portfolio and Contact

This website is provided to disclose our basic investment policy in order to avoid inconveniencing founders. As we are “weekend investors” whose time is limited, we are only able to partner with a small number of founders. As we do not solicit inquiries from a large number of founders, we do not proactively disclose our investment portfolio or contact information.